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G-S-T Quick 5 – Movies I've Warmed Up To…

OK, here I am, humbly walking on the ground where I, like broken glass, laid out all the bad things I said about these movies. In the past I might have either not been in the right mindset for these films or maybe not been able to comprehend what they were trying to do. While not all of these are masterpieces (some fans would argue that one of them is) the films on this list now get my approval. I now feel much more of a connection with these films and honestly enjoy quite a bit whereas before I would say flat-out “I hated it”. Ah, the folly of youth…


Boiler Room – I saw this in college for the first time at an advanced screening and just didn’t care for it. Maybe because I didn’t understand it or I had grown up with Wall Street and any other “stock market” flick would just be some wanna be. The more I watch this the more I become increasingly impressed with Giovanni Ribisi’s performance. The transformation he makes over the course of the film is so subtle you hardly realize it happened at all, and that’s damn good acting if you ask me. It’s only looking back you see how clever he is in his performance and how he plays off the rest of the young ensemble cast.


Good Will Hunting – First time I really didn’t know what to think after seeing a so-called Oscar contender. I probably wasn’t too keen on a non funny Robin Williams and for some reason I just didn’t like Matt Damon….say it with me, MATT DAMON. But on repeat viewings this is just a fantastic movie that just gets me inside. I really like the connection Robin has with Matt in so many scenes but the “It’s not your fault” scene is quite stunning. Also it inspired Family Guy to spoof it so I can’t be the only one to like it now can I?


American Beauty – To this day I’m still a bit bitter about this beating out The Sixth Sense, but watching it a few more times I’ve decided to put my hate to rest and say that I really, really like it. I still think The Sixth Sense is the better movie but American Beauty is a well made film. Also Kevin Spacey is just awesome…too bad I didn’t realize it the first time. Plus I can’t hate Sam Mendes either because he went on to make Road to Perdition (one of my all time favorites).


Dogma – I’m not a huge Kevin Smith fan and this is really the only thing of his that I do find funny…and maybe its because I’m Catholic. The wit in the movie is satirically based but still razor sharp. Also, much like Good Will Hunting, the more I watch this, the more I find things about Matt Damon that I like. Plus some of the points Smith brings up about religion (although not to be taken seriously) are really quite thought provoking. I’m glad to see that George “the effen man” Carlin (who has his own issues with religion) playing Cardinal Glick of all people. Such a smart movie, and can you say Alan Rickman?!? This movie is satirical gold and Smith is a genius…even if I don’t like Clerks, Chasing Amy or Mallrats.


Blade Runner – Rounding off this list is one film that has probably kept me on the blacklist for saying, “yes it’s a culturally LOVED film but I just don’t get it“. Even Harrison Ford wasn’t happy with the “he’s a replicant” ending but it doesn’t stop all you fans from going crazy over the movie. Watching it again, but this time the Final Cut (thanks Hatter) I’m starting to now get what people are talking about. I have always loved the visuals but I can now say I like the movie, especially the symbolism of the origami figure at the end (which now that I know what it is about, is kinda cool). That said, I don’t think I’ll ever own it, but having watched all 3 versions, the Final Cut is the definitely best.


So there’s my reviewed opinion on some movies I initially panned at first glance. I guess as you grow up, your tastes change and you learn to appreciate things that you missed the first time around. Wonder will happen when I watch Paul Blart again…no, that movie is pure garbage no matter how you look at it. But what about you at home? Anything you found redeeming value in after giving something a second look?


  • fandangogroovers

    Interesting. My thoughts on the selected movies:

    Boiler Room: Enjoyed it when I saw it at the cinema. Have seen it two or three times since, have always enjoyed it but not in a rush to see it again.

    Good Will Hunting: Seen it a couple of times, enjoyed it but it isn’t going to make it to any of my lists of favourites.

    American Beauty: I loved it when I first saw it but am less impressed each time I see it. You said “To this day I’m still a bit bitter about this beating out The Sixth Sense” I truly hate The Sixth Sense and think it is one of the most overrated movies ever made. If you are referring to the Oscars I would have given best picture to Fight Club (not even nominated) or The Insider, I would also have given the acting Oscar to Russell Crowe for The Insider.

    Dogma: I really love this movie. I am a fan of Kevin Smith and would say this and Chasing Amy are my favourites of his movies.

    Blade Runner: Classic movie. I have seen it countless times. I went to see The Final Cut at the cinema whist I can’t chose between this and The (not cut by the director) Directors Cut I would say they are both better than the first version.

    • Marc

      Thanks for the comments Andy!! Yeah, while none of these have really moved up a great number of spots to be one of my favorites, I had enough of a change of heart to recognize them all. The Sixth Sense can be seen as overrated but I don’t like it because of the ending (which I think is why so many people go crazy over it). I think it is a movie that is well structured, well paced and multi-layered that’s why it works for me.

      I need to give The Insider another go, I haven’t seen it since it came out and wasn’t aware of how incredible an actor Russell Crowe was aside from his turn in Gladiator.

  • mcarteratthemovies

    “Boiler Room”? What? I haven’t heard anybody mention that one ages! I saw it years ago and bought it based on Giovanni Ribisi’s performance — I just love that guy.

    “Blade Runner,” like “Mosquito Coast,” is one of the few Harrison Ford films that just don’t do it for me. I’ve seen “BR” a few times and can appreciate the vision, but that’s just not how I like my Harry Ford. I’m more of “Fugitive,” “Air Force One” or “Regarding Henry” Harry Ford girl.

    • Marc

      Giovanni is just great in all his movies…even though his character sucked in Avatar, I still got a kick out of seeing him on screen. I just listened to the commentary on Boiler Room at work and found out somethings I didn’t know but overall, I have a newfound interest in the film…mainly because of Ribisi.

      But Mosquito Coast?? Talk about out of left field there, Mer. That’s the kind of movie (just like Million Dollar Baby) that you want to turn off at the half way point before it gets ultra morbidly depressing. I totally agree with you, not fond of Ford in “BR” or Coast. I like him better as Indy or even his character in Hollywood Homicide. That last one gets a bad rep if you ask me.

      • mill1924

        You were bitter about American Beauty?!!!! The Sixth Sense was good, but Beauty will always be relevant, even when you do know the ending.

        • Marc

          Relevant yes, but to me “Sense” is a airtight movie and everything worked so well. Sure it gets some grief for all the “I see (insert noun)” parodies, spoofs and the like, but I think it’s awesome. Its after this time that I’m finding Beauty is awesome in its own way.

          Also, it’s funny because I felt the exact same way about Basterds losing to The Hurt Locker. I guess I have different tastes. The Hurt Locker was good but was way overrated in my opinion. IB was not the best but it was my favorite.

          • mill1924

            I agree with you about Hurt Locker though, it was really well made technically, but that’s about all. I think Up in the Air, D9, or Avatar even had a lot much more to say as films and still managed to take technical risks like Locker. Basterds is good, but to me its more fun than anything.

          • Marc

            The stories of D9 and Up in the Air do run very deep. I only saw “Air” a few weeks ago and really liked it. But, seeing D9 in the theaters and then at home, I found it lost a lot of the “wow” factor especially in the action department. I think the big screen has a way of hypnotizing us sometimes:P

            But totally, Basterds was sooo much fun. Interesting thing I noticed was that on the second viewing I found myself saying…damn, that’s a lot of subtitles. Certainly didn’t remember that many in the theater. I think I’ll watch it tonight.

          • mill1924

            “But, seeing D9 in the theaters and then at home, I found it lost a lot of the “wow” factor especially in the action department. I think the big screen has a way of hypnotizing us sometimes:P”

            – I totally am with you on that. I saw it in theaters and was blown away with the action and how thrilling it was. It was a great cinematic experience that got lost on DVD, which I guess is a good thing that it has a larger social context to appreciate later.

          • Marc

            That’s precisely the reason I will never buy or watch Avatar ever again. Seeing in in 3d IMAX was AMAZING!!!…sadly there’s no way to get even close to that at home…