Happy 101 – The Summer’s Coolest Meme

Go,See,Talk would like to thank Olive at Movie News First for getting us involved in this latest Meme (trust us, our delay does not constitute reluctance or ill will). As always we’re happy to be part of whatever the cool kids are doing:)

So now to the expository specifics of this cool little Meme: The Happy 101 Award and the idea is to share the things that bring you joy. OK sounds simple enough. Here goes!!

1. Hands down, my wife…aka Mrs. Go See Talk. She makes me happy 24/7 and makes it all worth it;)

2. Movies obviously…otherwise I wouldn’t have G-S-T and further not be completing this Meme.

3. Movie hopping. My personal best was 6 movies in one day. One of those movies was Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers…yeah that was a long day:P As Hatter considers that stealing, my stance is that when I go to the movies, I don’t just buy admission to the movie in question but to the whole theater (granted I don’t hit up new releases the night they open and take seats from paying customers, that is evil after all). But I mean, once you’re past the teenager ripping tickets it’s like an amusement park; ride all the rides you want and then go home satisfied.

4. Playing guitar. Great way to get over a tough day (well that and Scotch) and it’s pretty fun staying up with friends til about 5am just having an impromptu jam session. Man, I wish I did that more often.

5. Looking at old pictures from my childhood or college years. Oh the folly of youth…but at least my pants fit better.

6. While I consider myself a movie buff, there are a small number of TV shows that are so well crafted I find that I can put up with commercials (something I vehemently detest) to see how the show ends. I just love and am a huge fan of House M.D., Lost and Justified. They make me happy especially when I buy a season and the Misses and I watch it all over a weekend; exhausting but satisfying.

7. Watching my dogs play and see them get excited when either myself or my wife gets home from work. Talk about your cheap entertainment. Ah yes, the joy and worry-free peace of mind that comes from knowing I don’t have to put either of them through college:P

8. I get a kick out of pulling out random movie quotes when the occasion calls for it. Usually if I time it right, it can get some laughs…other times it makes me look like some weird guy who talks to himself:(

9. Traveling abroad. So far my International Score Card is as follows. Japan: 3 trips. Australia: 1 trip. Man I hope to get a few more places stamped on my passport before it expires…lotta empty pages left.

10. Talking to friends who don’t live close anymore. It’s always awesome to hear about weddings, kids, new jobs etc. And if you get all three in one conversation, that’s called a hat trick:P

To fulfill my part in this chain mail neat little exercise I must burden pass this on to 10 fellow bloggers. But seeing as that I am so late to get to the table, everyone I know has gotten this. So it looks like I’m obligation free (whew). Cheap way out: Check. Had fun doing this: Double Check. Thanks Olive!!


  • Castor

    7. Man’s best friend. Isn’t it awesome and fascinating how dogs are always happy to see you!

    3. Not sure how you did that, I don’t really enjoy watching even 2 movies in a row. I like to let a movie sit and bounce around my brain for a day or so before I can see another movie!

    • MarcC

      I think I have a suppressed case of ADHD, so when a movie is done, most times I can be like a crack addict going “gimme more, gimme another one” But I agree, some movies do need proper saturation time. And as far as dogs…well once you have one, they’re pretty much part of your whole lives:)

  • Peter E.

    Great list Marc – I love the pic of you and yur wife…She is very pretty. I envy your travel resume. Internationally, I have only seen Italy and Paris…need to get on that. What kind of pups, btw? As you may know from Magic Lantern, I’m a pug fanatic!

  • Olive

    Six movies in one day, that’s pretty impressive! I think I managed a total of 3 in one day. And I love travelling too, I’d love to go to Japan, it’s on my list of must see countries. I went backpacking in Australia a couple of years ago, loved it. My favourite place probably has to be Canada so far, I fell in love with B.C. and the Canadian people.

  • Heather

    I’ve movie hopped two movies before and that was it. It was fun though. I like your idea of it being an amusement park!

    I’m a huge fan of looking back at pictures too. I tried scrapbooking for awhile and it turned out to be pretty cool, but as time went on I just didn’t have the time to devote to it all and so I began uploading on the computer instead.

    I love dogs. I had the sweetest chocolate lab for thirteen years. I’m not sure I’m ready for a new doggy, but I do have three cats that I simply adore!

  • MarcC

    @Peter…Thanks for your compliment. Well I think any place that someone else has been to and you haven’t causes envy. Would love to see Italy…France, not so much:) As for the dogs, we have 2 Cavalier King Charles puppies and we love them!

    @Olive…lucky for me traveling to Japan was easy because Rob lives there and chauffered me around for 2 straight weeks. Not a country to see if you don’t speak the language, it’s difficult to get around.

    @Heather…While I say I’m not a cat person (read allergic) sometimes cats can be so damn funny and maybe 5% of me would want one…but maybe just for a day. Still I’ll take our two dogs over a cat anyday:P