Hoo-Ah!! AL PACINO Is Coming To Dallas!!!

This goes out to all you fans of good old Al (read: the whole planet). Two months from now the legendary Al Pacino will be coming to Dallas’ AT&T Performing Arts Center to talk about film, life and whatever else he wants to…he is Al after all. The joy of seeing the ad for Al and the news of him coming sure made my commute less boring. Seeing the name PACINO over 10 feet tall just made me smile. For a guy as famous as him, they are certainly going the extra distance…and by distance, I mean they have taken out a freaking BILLBOARD (see image above) for him.

From the AT&T Performing Arts Center here’s the details about his appearance:

Join us for an evening with one of cinema’s most riveting stars and step into the world of Al Pacino as he shares his passion for acting and directing up close and personal. In an on stage interview with clips (some never seen before) Al Pacino will give a rare glimpse into the creative process of one of our greatest actors. Sharing backstage tales from a lifetime in the world of theatre and film and revealing the inner workings of his most personal work (watch for surprise readings) this one night only event will end with a question and answer session with you, the audience.

Al Pacino has created some of the most indelible character portrayals in cinema history. Starring in over forty films that include The Godfather Trilogy, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, Sea of Love, Dick Tracy, Heat, a Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning performance in Angels in America and most recently You Don’t Know Jack for HBO he is an 8 time Academy Award nominee and an Oscar Award winner for his performance in Scent of A Woman.

While I still feel like I want my money back for S1m0ne and Insomnia (and I empathize with fan’s disappointment of 88 Minutes and Righteous Kill) I will certainly pay top gouge price to see this screen legend in person. Still I just love the guy despite the handful of weak films in his recent work. I’ve always wanted to go to one of those “Inside the Actors Studio” and this sounds to be pretty similar (only without James Lipton).

For any of you in the Dallas area, here’s the link to the ticket page. I recently DVR’d You Don’t Know Jack so this looks like the fates are aligning and I guess I know what I’m watching this weekend. So I’ll put to you fans of the PAC…anyone in the Dallas area going to see him? Anyone outside of Dallas going to make a trip…or are you content to swim in your own jealousy?:P Have a good weekend everyone!!


  • rtm

    This is one great reason to go all hooo-ah! Good for you Marc. Be sure to post about the experience ok?

    P.S. I actually don’t mind Insomnia, but I can see how some people loathe it.

  • Olive

    Hi Marc. I’m just wondering whether Pacino is still appearing in Dallas, since it was announced that he was acting in The Merchant of Venice in New York. Unfortunately it seems like he’s cancelling his various appearances/talks around the country. I’m travelling to NYC to see him in October; the tickets are expensive, but I think it’s worth it:) If he isn’t in Dallas, it might be worth checking NYC out…

  • MarcC

    @Ruth…I certainly will. I think he’s lived such an awesome life that although his later films are hit and miss I’m positive he’s got a great story or two that will just stun the audience.
    Maybe I’ll give Insomnia another go, just for you:)

    @Olive…Well I certainly hope he doesn’t cancel it. Although you’re probably right, seeing a big star in the bi apple would be an experience…but since he’s here locally it’s not only convenient but economical:P Hope you have a blast in NYC!!!

  • Peter E.

    Holy crap!!! Enjoy, man! I am seeing him on Broadway on Nov. 23rd and cannot wait. Any reader of Magic Lantern knows I think he is our greatest living actor. I better see a big write-up on the event on your great blog with lots and lots of pictures!!!