Iconograph Commemorating Harrison Ford's 40th Role

Three cheers for Henry Jones Junior! Cowboys & Aliens marks Harrison Ford fortieth film role; quite an accomplishment to say the least. While I haven’t seen C&A yet (the negative buzz has me putting a screening off indefinitely) I’ve have seen nearly all his films and for those of you who like myself are fans, this clever and laboriously detailed, if slightly redundant, iconograph is still something to marvel at…even if this has been out for a couple weeks.

Spanning an acting career of over 40 years, Harrison has seen it all, both good times and bad in his search for “fortune & glory” that yielded plenty of spiritual/religious relics, a Replicant or two and a host of other equally great accomplishments. But the one artifact he’s still trying to get his hands on is that elusive Oscar. Well until that day comes let’s look back on the varied career of everyone’s favorite “nerf herder” and enjoy this graphic of Harrison’s 40 roles entitled Forty Fords.

Can you name them them all?? Me neither, so to help out a bit, click this link to The National Post to see the answers. Whaddya think? Can Harrison make it to 50? Anyone think (or hope) one of his next roles will get him that Academy Award? 


  • Castor

    Awesome! I will always be a big fan of Harrison Ford. I grew up watching his movies.

  • MarkusWelby1

    I dig Harrison even though he’s a grumpy ole coot now. I’m not sure why all the hate for C&A. I thought it was pretty badass myself. I say find out for yourself then judge.

    • MarcC

      I plan to see it but most of what I heard was deflating so I decided to holf off. Actually I’ll be happy to explore it like I did with Iron Man…free of theatrical/opinions months later…and on Blu Ray:)