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Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Trailer…'The Expendables'

Oh it’s here, it’s here, it’s here!!! That’s right friends, the first official THE EXPENDABLES trailer is finally here. It’s been a real long time coming and we at G-S-T are just super excited!! You know what this means…yup, August is getting closer and that’s got us smiling ear to ear. So without taking any more time out of your day…here is the trailer for this year’s biggest actioner!!!

The Expendables is set for wide release on August 13, 2010. Until then, expect to see one or two more trailers in the near future as well as a slew of  TV spots. When we get it, we’ll post them for your (and our) enjoyment. But for those of you who can’t wait, try watching this trailer (before it gets yanked) a few dozen more times. Lastly, for anything and everything we’ve posted on this movie’s development, type in THE EXPENDABLES in our search bar and help yourself to the heap of content.


  • rtm

    Yeah it’s as bad ass as I expected … but yet, predictable. You know I was intrigued about this the second I heard about who’s involved, but the trailer leaves me kind of meh somehow (don’t kill me), it looks like something I’ve seen so many times before, just with less action heros all packed in one movie. In fact, it almost feel, y’know dated even before it comes out. But hey, I might still see it for nostalgia sake, but like Cinematical said, it’s the kind of flick that’s “defined outright by its cast” and that alone will get people to see this.

    • Marc

      Nice reference to Cinematical Ruth, I read the same post and had that exact quote on my mind. Regardless, this looks to perfectly match the action feeling that defined the 80’s plus the style and flash you’d expect from a summer popcorn flick. Personally I think this is going to redefine blockbuster (wishful thinking anyway). Cliches be damned I’ll still be there opening night for this one. Can’t miss a Stallone flick…say that gives me an idea. Guess whose poll you will see next week?:)