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Sweet Trailer…'50/50'

If life teaches us anything it’s that sometimes humor can get people through really tough patches. Case in point. 50/50 (or I’m With Cancer as it was originally called) is a film about Adam and how drastically his life is changed when he’s diagnosed with a brain tumor. His world is further turned upside down by the news that his chances to be beat the cancer are “50/50“. Luckily the trailer isn’t as dreary as the premise would make it seem, so have a look for yourself…

Wow, I just can’t stop replaying this. The story looks great and if there’s one actor I am continually impressed with each time he’s on screen it’s got to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. There probably aren’t enough superlatives to describe how fine an actor he is and the guy just turned 30! Also the supporting cast Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anjelica Huston, Philip Baker Hall, Matt Frewer make this look but fantastic.

Penned by screenwriter Will Reiser (who based the film on his real life experience with cancer) and directed by Jonathan Levine (The Wackness), 50/50 is set for release this Fall on September 30th, 2011. I’m so looking forward to this, but I’ll ask you all…

Whaddya think? Anyone up for a sad but heart-warming (and pretty funny looking) film? Anyone like the looks of this so far??


  • Castor

    This looks like it has potential. Hopefully, it can be funny without being distasteful given the topic.

    • MarcC

      Yeah good call, I suspect that with Rogen it may walk the borderline offensive/distasteful route his films are known for…especially Observe and Report. But I think this’ll have an Up In the Air sweetness to it and not just because Anna Kendrick is in this:P

  • Anna

    Looks fun/sad. Think I would’ve preferred James McAvoy who was first cast, I enjoy his more comedial roles but JGL has been growing on me in the past year.

    • MarcC

      He’s certainly one to watch. Amazing how he can play off just about anybody. Looking forward to this!

  • Luke

    This looks much better than One Week, which has the same premise, but was just utterly boring and underdeveleoped. Should be funny too. Looking forward to it.