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Sweet Trailer…'John Carter of Mars'

Wow, now this is just looking sooo much better. A few months back Disney released one major league teaser for Andrew Stanton’s film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter. Seeming to have a Cowboys & Aliens meets Avatar vibe some may have been put off by the strange alchemy of stories/genres but this second trailer should get a good number of naysayers on the JCM bandwagon. Earlier today Good Morning America gave us a sneak peek (thanks to First Showing for the heads up) but now we have the official second trailer in its entirety and it doesn’t disappoint one bit. Have a look and enjoy!!

Pixar superstar Andrew Stanton is at the helm for this, his first live action feature, and things are really looking great. Following Brad Bird’s live action film debut Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, I can’t wait to see how Stanton translates his style from the computer screen to the big screen for this epic. Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins lead an uberly impressive cast sporting the likes of Mark Strong, Bryan CranstonDominic WestThomas Haden Church, Ciarán Hinds, James Purefoy and Willem Dafoe. Wow about sums it up huh?

Disney will be bringning John Carter of Mars to theaters for a late Winter release on March 9th, 2012. This has my interest considerably piqued but I can’t be the only one. What do you think? Anyone impressed with this second look at JCM??


  • Andrew

    I should be more excited for this given that it’s Burroughs, but the trailers aren’t doing anything for me. They read as being very bland and even somewhat rote. There’s a decent chance I’ll wait for DVD with this, but that depends on the reviews once they start flooding in next year.

  • GradyM

    Marc, I think you’ve nailed it. After seeing the teaser trailer I really had no desire to see the film. However, this new trailer is much more engaging and right up my alley.

  • MarcC

    @Andrew…Tough to get excited since we’ve been built up and disappointed before by the likes of the Phantom Menace, Prince of Persia, Cowboys & Aliens (wonder if the desert has something to do with it) but I’m putting my faith in Stanton. Still not all there yet and March is a hit and miss time for releasing things but I’m on board…though history has taught me to be cautiously optimistic:P

    @Grady…Looks like you and me are recent converts. Welcome to the club:)

    @Doc…Well you and Andrew can hear about how awesome it will be once Grady and I tweet about it after leaving the theater:) Thanks for the comment and welcome to G-S-T!